Utility Industry Market Research

Utilities Market Research

GreatBlue provides reliable, actionable research and analytics to help organizations make data validated decisions. Having collected, analyzed and reported on insights from hundreds of thousands of public power customers, our team is well equipped to assist utility clients with understanding and utilizing data to strategically move forward.

For over four decades, GreatBlue has been conducting comprehensive qualitative and quantitative customer and employee research on behalf of the utilities industry. Our time tested and constantly refined research processes, coupled with our deep understanding of the diverse and complicated utilities space, provides our clients the opportunity to understand their customers and employees with extreme detail. We work closely with utility organizations of all shapes, sizes and geographic locations. From the small, local utility serving one town to joint action agencies overseeing multiple members and millions of customers, GreatBlue approaches each and every project with the same level of detail and attention.

GreatBlue’s Utility Partners

Hometown Connections and GreatBlue Research partner to deliver actionable customer intelligence. The firms combine Hometown’s deep knowledge of public power utility management with the research design, analysis, and reporting expertise of GreatBlue. Together, the firms are closely integrating market customer & employee research with Hometown’s strategic planning, facilitation, organization assessment and other consulting services.

Additionally, GreatBlue is the preferred research partner of the American Public Power Association (APPA). These partnerships help Hometown Connections and APPA members identify and support the needs of public power communities through reliable data collection and market research.

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