Agriculture Market Research

The agriculture industry has been the backbone of society since the beginning of human civilization, and that’s no different today. Rapid advances in modern technology have allowed the agriculture industry to extend their reach to increasingly large populations. However, this presents several logistical challenges, including the ordeal of navigating agriculture as a business. At GreatBlue, we pride ourselves on partnering with organizations across the country to assist them in navigating the unique challenges presented in the agriculture industry.

Brand Awareness

Your brand is just as important as your product or service, and brand awareness can make or break your sales volume. As the most public facing facet of your organization, having a healthy  brand is a key aspect in ensuring the continued success of your product or service. Consumers, especially when shopping at the grocery store, are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands of brands. Standing out among the crowd is vital. Conducting a brand awareness study evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your brand in the eyes of your target audience while simultaneously establishing a baseline of brand awareness to track against moving forward.

Product/Service Assessment

No product or service is guaranteed to succeed, especially without the input from those benefiting from them. Regularly assessing your product or service offering ensures your organization consistently meets the continuously-evolving expectations of your customers. Shelves are restocked with new products every day and it’s important to not only attract the attention of potential customers, but also ensure what you’re offering meets their needs. Conducting a product or service assessment captures the insights necessary to evaluate your current offering and incorporate changes built on a foundation of customer feedback.

Concept Testing

Success in the 21st Century market demands near-constant innovation, and the agriculture industry is no exception. As market conditions and appetites rapidly evolve, so too do the demands of consumers. Not every new concept is destined for success right from the drawing board (and picky eaters add an extra challenge). The opinions and demands of your target audience need to be incorporated in order to encourage success at every stage from ideation to launch and beyond. A concept test captures these important insights grounded in customer feedback to be incorporated into the development process.

Market Assessment

A major reason why organizations fail is a lack of understanding the target market. Market intelligence built on a foundation of data-validated insights is a critical component in building an understanding of buyer behavior, market opportunities, and the impact of competition. While it’s true everyone needs to eat, the American appetite changes like the weather. Conducting a market assessment is an effective way to determine market penetration, trends, and growth and their impact on the success of your organization.

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