Consumer Goods Market Research

GreatBlue is Consumer Goods Market Research
The only thing constant about consumer opinions and buying patterns is change. To accommodate the dynamic consumer environment, GreatBlue provides agile solutions via consumer goods market research for CPG clients, their current products, and product development pipeline. GreatBlue provides clients with actionable insights to guide them from early stage concept, through developments, and successful retail distribution. GreatBlue prides itself on offering efficient solutions without forfeiting a consultative solution.

Study Types
Concept testing is utilized for both current and new, innovative product developments. Concept testing feedback is useful for companies constructing a strategic product development pipeline, meeting targeted audience needs, and maximizing success on the shelf.

1. Early stage concept testing is the stage before the product has even been fully developed or produced. It is essentially the “idea” stage of a product concept. Common questions asked are:

  • Which product deserves development?
  • Which of your great ideas is the best for your target audience?

This helps companies to understand which product is preferred by targeted customers in regards to design, usefulness, packaging and labeling, name and/or logo, taste, look and feel of the product, etc.

2. Late stage concept testing is the stage in which the product has already been developed. Common questions asked are:

  • How can you optimize your current product for higher sales?
  • How can you promote your product to get on the shelf with clients/retailers?

This helps companies to understand how to use optimization and promotional efforts to increase distribution of their product. This can help to increase sales and ultimately, increase profits for your company.

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