Consumer Goods Market Research

Consumer Goods Market Research

The only thing constant about consumer opinions and buying patterns is change. To accommodate the dynamic consumer environment, GreatBlue provides agile solutions via consumer goods market research for CPG clients, their current products, and product development pipeline. GreatBlue provides clients with actionable insights to guide them from early stage concept, through developments, and successful retail distribution. GreatBlue prides itself on offering efficient solutions without forfeiting a consultative solution.

Prototype & Package Testing

Understanding the opinions of the target audience helps to strategically guide the development, refinement, and penetration of new product concepts. These studies analyze consumer feedback in order to provide actionable insights and strategic recommendations. The overall goal is to provide a clear path to package/prototype development and help ensure a successful launch into the marketplace.

Market Assessments

A market assessment serves to test the viability of a new product in its target market. These studies are conducted among the target audience, and are designed to solicit feedback on a potential new product or service. These studies typically examine psychographics, buyer behavior, and the impact of competition. Ultimately, these studies assist in determining the viability for market penetration, growth, and success.

Brand Health Tracking

Brand health tracking studies serve to measure the effectiveness of messaging, brand awareness, and purchase intent. These studies are often performed quarterly or annually in order to track brand awareness and perceptions, gain feedback on key brand attributes, and comparison against competitors. Brand health trackers allow CPG companies the opportunity to gauge changes in brand awareness and perception, assess the resonance among consumers of key strategic messages associated with the brand, and best position the company for effective, strategic market growth.

Marketing/Branding Effectiveness

These studies evaluate awareness and strategic effectiveness of a company’s marketing, advertising, and communication campaigns. Utilizing visual illustrations, respondents have the ability to assess photos, language, and audio. By conducting this research, Consumer Packaged Goods companies have the ability to compare, contrast, and measure how their efforts have impacted resonance, penetration, and recall among the target audience.

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