Higher Education Market Research

Higher Education Market Research

No matter the size or type of school, continued success relies heavily on the overarching goal of maintaining alumni loyalty and increased alumni giving. Simply using a fixed, one-size fits all strategy to assume long-term support is not enough to warrant a valuable and fruitful relationship. GreatBlue assists schools with leveraging the power of insights and harnessing the validation of data to create an effective engagement strategy and drive financial giving. GreatBlue has been helping colleges and universities ask the questions and understand the real opportunities among alumni for over four decades. Our goal is to help you collect real alumni insights and implement crafted strategies for continued success.

Alumni Engagement Studies

Alumni are an important part of any school’s community and it is important they are active participants following graduation. The purpose of these studies is to identify ways in which to better engage alumni after they leave campus. Overall, these studies are important for driving donations, recruitment efforts, referrals, reputation, and other attributes alumni help to promote.

Athletic Ticket Sales Growth Studies

Sporting events are a vital source of revenue for many higher education institutions. The overall goal of these studies is to assist in developing strategies to increase the growth of athletic ticket sales. The results help guide higher education institutions toward developing innovative ways to increase ticket sales across the board.

Enrollment Growth Studies

The goal of enrollment growth studies is to uncover ways schools and higher education institutions can increase enrollment. These studies are typically conducted among prospective students and/or their parents in order to understand the driving factors that lead to education decisions. The results help education institutions develop strategies and tactics to more effectively increase enrollment rates.

Pulse of the Students Studies

Students are the lifeblood of any academic community. It is important to periodically gauge students attitudes, perceptions, and opinions surrounding campus life and academic policies. The overall goal of these studies are to assist the institution’s administration in improving its relationship with students and maintain their environment in line with their evolving needs.

Donor Studies

Donor studies are implemented with the overall goal of increasing donations. The findings from these studies help to identify underperforming donor groups and ways to increase annual giving overall. At the completion of a donor study, education institutions are equipped with the information needed to more effectively solicit donations from alumni.

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