Custom Research Solutions

GreatBlue Research is a full-service market research firm specializing in taking our clients from beginning to end of both quantitative and qualitative studies. While we typically handle all facets of a research project, we can provide support for any of the following services you need.


Survey Development

Survey development is a GreatBlue specialty. Our team of researchers have written thousands of surveys throughout the past four decades on behalf of clients representing a wide variety of industries, covering any topic you can imagine. GreatBlue’s research team is made up of experts on various question types and best practices. Any survey we write is fully-customized to your specific research needs, and is developed in close collaboration with you.

Data Collection

Quantitative data collection can be one of the most strenuous steps in the research process. At GreatBlue, all quantitative data collection is completed in-house. Our in-house call center and our proprietary digital survey platform can handle all of your data collection needs with ease no matter the size, timing, or budget. Our team of professionally trained researchers are on standby, ready to assist with your data collection efforts.

Data Visualization and Reporting

As the world rapidly embraces data-driven decision making, the size and complexity of datasets have evolved. What started as a few rows in a spreadsheet has evolved into complex, multi-level databases with thousands of categories and millions of data points. GreatBlue’s advanced data visualization tools allow us to transform large, in-depth datasets into narrative, easily interpretable reports that will assist you in developing data-driven decisions.



Facility Rental and Hosting Services

GreatBlue’s state of the art focus group facility features multiple focus group suites, private client lounge and viewing room, audio and video recording capabilities, large-screen TVs for visual concept testing, and live-streaming capabilities. Additionally, GreatBlue is able to provide hosting services so you can focus all of your energy on your research efforts. Our facility is fully equipped to handle all your qualitative research needs from focus groups to one-on-one interviews

Participant Screener and Guidebook Development

Participant screeners and moderator’s guidebooks are a key component to any qualitative research project. Without them, you run the risk of recruiting unqualified respondents, and run the risk of allowing the conversation to get off track without a guidebook. Our research team has mastered the art of participant screener and moderator’s guidebook development, and every screener and guidebook is developed custom to meet your needs.

Recruitment and Logistics

Recruitment can be the most challenging and labor intensive part of qualitative research. In addition to having access to some of the most extensive panel networks in the country, GreatBlue maintains our own proprietary panel of focus group respondents. We can handle recruitment, participant scheduling, and any logistics related to conducting qualitative research.


GreatBlue’s moderation team has conducted thousands of focus groups and in-depth interviews on a wide variety of topics across a large number of industries. Our moderators are experts in managing conversation flow, ensuring the focus group or interview stays on track, and, most importantly, digging deeper into every topic in order to uncover vital insights.

Qualitative Data Visualization and Reporting

Qualitative data can be a challenge to compile and visualize due to wide variations in responses. GreatBlue’s data analysts and project managers specialize in taking the collected information and identifying patterns based on respondents’ feedback. Our data visualization platforms allow for visual representation of this data and compile it into an easily interpretable format so you can gain the insights you need without having to read through pages of transcripts.

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