Focus Groups

Guidebook Design . Professional Recruiting . In-House Professional Moderators . Detailed Reporting

Every industry has questions they need answered in order to know how to best take the next steps toward success. Your customers have those answers for you already. Our high-tech focus group facilities in Glastonbury, CT provide our clients with robust qualitative research opportunities. Equipped with event video and audio recording, concealed client viewing rooms and lounges, private client entrance, and web streaming for those unable to attend, our focus group facility sets the scene for gathering the information you need.

Experts in design and execution, GreatBlue works with our clients to build a customized recruiting tool and a focus group moderation plan that drive the questions needed to get the answers our clients seek. GreatBlue takes each focus group project from start to finish through professional recruiting, moderation, analysis and the reporting that provides the information necessary to help clients identify, address and improve their offerings.

Focus groups allow participants to gather in a room and have a detailed discussion about one specific or a small number of topics. For example, we can test messaging and message resonance, drivers and barriers for decision making, and their in-depth or lack thereof knowledge base surrounding the topics of discussion, etc. Focus groups provide the opportunity for respondents to openly share their opinions and feedback while the focus group moderator guides and engages the discussion. 

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