In-House Call Center

In-House, Quality Assurance Driven Call Center

GreatBlue takes both its data collection efforts and data integrity with unconditional consideration when it comes to quality assurance measures and procedures.

With all research operations conducted internally, our team has the ability to interact hands-on and oversee each phase of the research process. This allows us to function at a level that ensures our clients can have unparalleled trust and faith in the outcomes of their studies. This applies to all types of studies, whether it be a telephone survey, online survey, focus group, or any other methodology.

Call Center Capabilities

GreatBlue Research operates its telephone survey methodology call center in its Glastonbury, CT headquarters. The staff is comprised of both English and Spanish speaking researchers to accommodate the language preferences of respondents across the country. With thirty-six dedicated seats in the call center, our team completes several thousand telephone surveys for numerous clients per month. Many on this staff have been employed with GreatBlue for several years and have vast experience conducting telephone surveys on behalf of educational organizations and the general population for survey data collection.

All respondents who receive a survey call will be contacted by one of our live researchers. Our staff utilizes a Computer Aided Telephone System (CATI) which ensures the generation of telephone numbers within the customer sample set are drawn in a completely random order. CATI is programmed according to the approved survey instrument and all required quotas including the contracted number of completed surveys. Upon completion of the researcher staff training/debriefing of the research study and prior to full-scale survey fielding, a pre-test of the survey is run to ensure accuracy and performance of the instrument, and that a random sample distribution among respondents is properly employed within the program. With these control measures in place, GreatBlue is able to guarantee:

1) proper performance of the survey launch and fielding accuracies, and

2) completion of the requested number of completed surveys.

The TCPA of 1991 forbids calling a cell phone using any automated dialing system without prior express of consent. Many of our clients’ customers have migrated to “cell phone” only households and GreatBlue complies with the laws in place while also providing our clients a 100% inclusive, customer outreach for their research needs.

Researcher Training and Process
GreatBlue research staff complete an extensive orientation and training period with our Management staff and are monitored closely to ensure they meet our standards and expectations. Prior to any survey effort entering the field, the research team is thoroughly briefed by our Call Center Supervisor and/or Senior Leadership on the nature of the study, all details and project specifics, and any potential areas of difficulty. The team completes a pre-test of the survey instrument to become familiar with the survey, any skip patterns, and answer any relevant questions pertaining to the survey instrument and its flow.

GreatBlue call center management is tasked with the role of Quality Assurance during every shift. Researchers are monitored by being routinely listened to during live survey calls, as well as simultaneously viewing data entry to ensure accuracy. Researchers are provided with detailed protocol with which to remain on script yet interact with respondents as needed. Respondents are never pressured into answering any questions they feel are non-applicable or intrusive, and may always be transferred to management if requested.

GreatBlue conducts all telephone surveys between the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM (EST), Monday through Friday and between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on Saturdays depending on the nature of the study (i.e. commercial or residential respondents). GreatBlue can adjust the timing of survey calls as requested for various geographic locations and time zones across the U.S. and has done so specifically for West Coast clients. GreatBlue seeks to conduct surveys when time is most convenient to the respondent, as call-backs may be set up. Each telephone call appears on the respondents’ land line Caller Identification as “Great Blue” and for cell phones, a variation of our telephone number will appear. We can provide all variations of the call center telephone numbers to Clients. Please note, the masking or changing of the Caller ID display name other than of the organization who owns the number is forbidden by several state laws, and GreatBlue will abide by these laws. However, at a minimum, our researchers will identify themselves as GreatBlue. All respondents are immediately informed of the nature of our call, who we are calling on behalf of, and the approximate duration of the call.

All surveys conducted will be fielded in our in-house call center. GreatBlue’s call center is located at:

20 Western Boulevard, First Floor
Glastonbury, CT 06033


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