Dan Quatrocelli Bio

With more than a decade of market research experience, Dan Quatrocelli works with new and existing clients in market research study development and implementation. He has conducted survey research through a wide variety of methodologies and has conducted over 200 focus groups and in-depth interviews in several industries, including utilities, healthcare, municipalities, consumer product goods, travel/leisure, and higher education. Our clients rely on Dan for providing insight into suggested methodologies by pinpointing their needs and creating a research format to meet them. Through daily interaction, Dan guides the clients through the research process until ultimately providing a formal, in-person presentation of results, analysis and insights. Through his experience in taking research projects from conception through completion, Dan empowers our clients with objective, reliable data and insights to maximize the effectiveness of their business. Dan joined the company in 2009 and welcomes time to golf and hanging out with his wife Amanda and their baby son, Aiden.