Courtney Cardillo

Courtney Cardillo is the driving force behind GreatBlue’s data analytics suite of services. With a wealth of experience and expertise, she orchestrates the entire data analytics process, ensuring the highest level of quality, security, and accuracy in every client engagement. From meticulously verifying survey data to skillfully segmenting and summarizing findings, Courtney’s passion and dedication to delivering unique and actionable insights makes her an invaluable member of the GreatBlue team. Having held diverse roles within the company, she now leads and mentors her team in data analysis programs, enabling the delivery of reliable, evidence-based recommendations to our clients. She is at the heart of every project, and her commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive data-driven solutions of the highest caliber. Courtney is a marketing graduate from Central Connecticut University, and when she’s not crunching numbers, she lends her talented creative eye to GreatBlue’s advertising, marketing and social media!