Municipalities Market Research

GreatBlue is Municipalities Market Research
For over four decades, GreatBlue has been conducting comprehensive qualitative and quantitative resident, business and employee research on behalf of municipalities. Our time tested and constantly refined research processes, coupled with our deep understanding of the diverse and complicated municipalities space, provides our clients the opportunity to understand their residents, businesses and employees with extreme detail.

GreatBlue provides reliable, actionable research and analytics to help organizations make data validated decisions. Having collected, analyzed and reported on insights from hundreds of thousands of residents, businesses, and employees, our team is well equipped to assist municipality clients with understanding and utilizing data to strategically move forward.

We work closely with municipalities of all shapes, sizes and geographic locations. From the small town to major cities housing millions of residents, GreatBlue approaches each and every project with the same level of detail and attention.

Pre- and Post- Marketing and Advertisement Effectiveness
These studies evaluate awareness and strategic effectiveness of a municipality’s marketing, advertising, and communication before a campaign begins and after it ends. Utilizing visual illustrations, respondents have the ability to assess photos, language, and audio. By conducting this research, municipalities have the ability to compare, contrast, and measure how their efforts have impacted resonance, penetration, and recall among the target audience.

Journey Mapping
This is a comprehensive, detailed assessment analyzing sequential “touch points” residents and businesses have when interacting with a municipality. A journey mapping study takes an in-depth approach utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Potential journeys to uncover may include – bill pay, customer service, product purchase, service signup, and communication preferences. The research gauges residents’ and businesses’ attitudes and satisfaction levels at every step throughout the process of interacting with a municipality from start to finish. Additionally, relative employee assessments are conducted to further understand processes and where gaps exist within specific departments and teams. The end results provide detailed insights of resident and business/employee processes, experiences, and interactions so municipalities can make decisions and develop future strategy.

Resident and Commercial Assessments (Satisfaction, Perception, and Awareness)
Resident and commercial assessments analyze various perspectives towards a municipality’s services and operations. The research findings help municipalities make data validated, strategic decisions to address resident and business demands and improve on government operations. Our team has collected, analyzed, and reported on data from residents and businesses across the United States. Every resident and commercial assessment is developed custom to meet each organization’s specific goals and objectives. Historical topics have included:

  • Demand or support for a new service
  • Overall satisfaction with the service provided, online platforms, customer service, etc.
  • Preferred communication methods
  • Awareness of a new service, program, online platform, etc.
  • Attitudes surrounding green energy initiatives
  • Perception regarding reliability of service

Contact Studies
Contact studies focus on collecting resident and commercial feedback immediately following an interaction with an organization. The goal is to measure the effectiveness and quality of the interaction (timeliness, resolution, value, etc.) and ensure the resident or business is receiving the desired/expected experience. These studies address overall opinions and satisfaction with customer service, field service, and self-service platforms. Typically these studies are conducted on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis to understand areas in need of improvement, make changes, and track continuous progress in a timely manner.

Website and Mobile Application Testing
Website and mobile application assessments (“UX Testing”) are conducted to help guide municipalities in building, revising, or overhauling their digital platforms. These studies are employed to uncover perspectives on ease of navigation, aesthetics, functionality, usefulness and quality of graphics, and overall presentation of information. Ultimately, the research findings help municipalities ensure their changes, developments, and expenditures are in line with user wants and needs prior to full scale launch of the website or application.

Resident Segmentation
Resident segmentation studies are an in-depth assessment of resident demographics and psychographics (behaviors, attitudes, and interests). Findings are utilized to develop targeted messaging, products, and services based on the needs of a specific demographic segment or segment groups. Municipalities are equipped with the customer information needed to provide better service to all customer groups through understanding their audience more holistically.

Employee Assessment
As an unbiased third party, GreatBlue gathers employee opinions, feedback, and satisfaction surrounding a variety of pertinent topics. All responses are kept anonymous so employees feel comfortable providing open and honest feedback. The topics uncovered with employee studies typically address job satisfaction, attitudes, communication methods, leadership and department ratings, and areas in need of improvement. The findings guide organizational changes for creating a healthy and productive workplace environment and allows management to strategize and move the municipality forward based on direct feedback from their employees.

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