Joanne Kaminski Bio

Joining GreatBlue in March of 2016, Joanne serves on both the company’s marketing and qualitative research teams. On the qualitative research side, she takes a project from focus group screener development through recruitment and execution. Joanne actively promotes the GreatBlue focus group participant database in order to keep it full, growing and fresh. From this database, or from other sources as projects may dictate, Joanne thoroughly screens possible focus group participants and recruits them in a friendly, thorough and timely manner. Consistent communication with the recruits via e-mail and telephone has resulted in excellent participant show-rates for all groups recruited by Joanne since joining the team. Joanne serves as host for most focus groups, registering and guiding the participants through the process, tending to the needs of the clients, and distributing payments as participants complete each group. With many years of team management and project organization experience, Joanne also oversees GreatBlue’s main office with focus on calendar time management, company income tracking and expense budgets, and upkeep of supplies and equipment.