GreatBlue Basics – Customer Satisfaction

GreatBlue Basics Customer Satisfaction Survey

Your customers are your most important resource, but what makes them tick?

Unlocking customer insights can be a costly, time-consuming effort. That’s why we created the GreatBlue Basics Customer Satisfaction Survey; an easy, cost-effective solution to measure customer satisfaction.

For $4,500, you’ll receive:

  • A 20-question survey with your utility’s name and logo imported
  • A digital survey link for easy distribution on your website and social media, or emailed directly to your customers, that’ll be live for one month
  • An automated report dashboard the lets you view the data whenever you need it

The Survey Instrument

The GreatBlue Basics Customer Satisfaction Survey is a 20-question instrument designed to capture feedback from your most important assets: your customers. We built this survey based on trends we’ve identified throughout the last 40 years conducting custom research studies on behalf of hundreds of utility companies across the country. Each question was hand-selected by our team of market research experts to measure your customers’ opinions on the most relevant and important themes such as:

  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Customers’ preferred sources of information
  • Preferences and insights for new products and services
  • The impact of working from home

Survey Distribution

You’ll be provided a digital survey link for distribution to all of your customers. The link will be open for one month and can be distributed using any means available. We recommend starting with:

  • Sending directly to customers via email
  • Your organization’s website
  • Social media
  • Your organization’s blog

You can send it out as many times as you like. If you prefer, we can also ensure each household or business only takes the survey once for no additional cost.

Reporting and Data Visualization

You will be provided with a link to GreatBlue’s online report portal which you’ll have access to indefinitely so you can compare and contrast against future customer satisfaction efforts. The report includes a question-by-question breakdown of the data for easy analysis and will be updated in real-time.

With this data, you’ll be able to:

  • Assess your customers’ preferences, expectations and opinions surrounding your organization and the products and services you offer
  • Uncover your customers’ preferred communication methods so you can further distribute your messaging
  • Verify investment decisions based on customer input
  • Prepare for the short and long-term impact of working from home on your supply systems

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