Golf Industry Market Research

GreatBlue is Golf Market Research
The golf industry is a highly sophisticated atmosphere — from your everyday leisure player on the weekends to your competitive professional athlete. Golf course memberships can be perhaps one of the first things to sacrifice in times of financial burden. Golf course owners and operators struggle to maintain memberships because of competition, rising costs/rates, and club offerings. GreatBlue works with golf course management to understand the satisfaction of their members. Conducting research provides golf course management with reliable and analyzed data that can help them to make strategic decisions for the improvement of their golf club and future success.

Our research solution is designed for the single course owner/operator or multi-course operation. GreatBlue Fairways offers a non-evasive platform for members to provide opinions, feedback, and suggestions. This data is then collected and analyzed to assist course/club management in changes that can be as simple as better communication of events, new menu items, or even developing a customer service program.

Actionable Data

  • Are you concerned about decreases in memberships or daily play? Member satisfaction assessments help golf course personnel identify the expectations of their members and understand their opinions in regards to such things as golf course grounds, membership offerings/amenities, and costs/fees.
  • Are your members or daily fee players satisfied with the current conditions, pro shop merchandise, facility/staff, restaurant offerings and other amenities? Member satisfaction studies help golf course owners and operators understand which areas their club has opportunities for improvement, and which areas members/players are highly satisfied with.
  • Are your communications effectively reaching and resonating with your members or daily fee players? By measuring the level of awareness of various offerings, promotions, programs, and services available to members/players, golf course personnel can discover which of their methods of communication serves them best in achieving desired outcomes.
  • Are you trying to increase your membership/number of daily players and improve overall engagement of current players? Brand awareness studies can measure the effectiveness of your club’s promotional efforts intended to attract new members, as well as those aimed at maintaining current member satisfaction with offerings and activities.

Case Study

  • GreatBlue provided a year-round destination golf resort with objective, reliable input around guest awareness and habits through a member and resort guest satisfaction survey. Data was based on a comprehensive internet/email survey, and provided actionable takeaways for altering usage and perception. GreatBlue utilized the email survey methodology in a similar capacity for other semi-private golf and country clubs interested in actionable results. The data has allowed the clubs to retain and, in some cases, increase memberships and streamline pro shop merchandising strategies.
  • In reality, away from the television cameras and large corporate sponsorships, many golf courses are facing ongoing challenges that include declining membership numbers, operational deficiencies, and fluctuating pricing models. Based upon market research results, GreatBlue’s clients in the golf industry develop policies, practices, and pricing that keeps members/greens fee players informed, aware, and loyal.

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