BELD Customer Satisfaction Study Results

Monthly Newsletter of Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD)
July 2017

Earlier this year, BELD hired GreatBlue Research to conduct a comprehensive study of our residential customers to gain a deeper understanding into their perceptions of the utility and satisfaction with the services provided. GreatBlue conducted phone surveys among a random sampling of customers and collected digital surveys through BELD’s email database. The results of this research will help us …

  • Understand customer expectations
  • Act on opportunities for improvement
  • Create a roadmap to increase customer satisfaction in the future

Overall, respondents had a 95.1% favorable perception of the service they receive from BELDand 95.8% of customers provided positive ratings for BELD’s ability to “maintain a modern and reliable infrastructure.” We always knew our customers were fans, but we learned that 96.8% of those surveyed reported they were either “satisfied,” “loyal,” or “advocates” of BELD.

BELD’s Broadband service was the highest rated among the major competitors in town. Our staff is “helpful and knowledgeable” according to 96.6% of customers, and 96.4% said we were responsive. More than 93.8% of respondents who had contact with Customer Service and field personnel reported high satisfaction ratings.

We were happy to learn that 86.5% of our customers are aware that BELD is a community-owned municipal utility (up from 76.3% in 2012) and 96.5% of you who read Bright Ideas believe it’s an informative resource.

Based on your responses we learned that we’ll need to continue to pass along information on community solar and electric vehicle programs, and you’d like to see a robust utility app that handles outage notification. The framework provided from the survey will help us immensely in the years ahead. We thank our customers for their input and support and we look forward to continuing to serve you.