Municipalities Market Research

Whether you manage a city home to millions of residents or a small, rural town of only a couple thousand, understanding your residents’ and businesses’ opinions is critical to the ongoing growth and success of your community. GreatBlue has extensive experience conducting custom qualitative and quantitative market research on behalf of municipalities nationwide.

We constantly test and refine our research processes to provide you, our municipal clients, with the opportunity to understand your population’s opinions in extreme detail. We work closely with your officials to design custom research studies to fulfill specific and strategic needs of the community. Whether you seek the public’s input on a long term strategic plan, or feedback on a particular community project, GreatBlue approaches each and every study with the same level of detail and attention. Municipality market research will guide you in making decisions that are in line with the majority of the community’s needs.

Actionable Data Points

  • Are your residents satisfied with their overall quality of life in your community? Resident satisfaction surveys help municipalities understand residents’ views of the community as a whole by gathering opinions about such things as: city services and programs, quality of public schools, road conditions, environmental quality, dining/entertainment options, and more.
  • Do community members’ opinions align with current policy or future policy changes? Community assessments help town officials align policies with overall community sentiment to maximize the potential of approval.
  • How do economic development efforts impact your community? What roles do factors such as budgets, taxes, infrastructure and job creation play? Resident and business assessment studies tell you how your community as a whole weighs these factors and more to help guide decision-making processes for community growth.
  • Are your communication efforts effectively reaching the desired population of your community? Community awareness and perception studies uncover the community’s overall knowledge of messaging efforts, and identify the preferred communication mediums (i.e. city’s newsletter, website, social media).