Healthcare Market Research

For more than three decades, GreatBlue has been conducting comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research on behalf of the healthcare industry.  Our time tested and constantly refined research processes, coupled with our deep understanding of the diverse and complicated healthcare space, provide our clients the opportunity to understand their patients, members, care providers, and targeted audiences in extreme detail.

GreatBlue has conducted and reported on millions of healthcare respondent quantitative surveys and thousands of qualitative focus groups.  GreatBlue understands the challenges your healthcare organization faces while trying to manage patient care, exceed member expectations, and meet regulatory demands. Gauging plan member and patient satisfaction in addition to measuring perception and awareness of available programs and services is critical to understanding an organization’s performance. GreatBlue partners with healthcare organizations to collect and analyze data in order to help your organization understand your constituents, identify challenges, anticipate future needs, and stay ahead of the competition.

Actionable Data Points

  • Are patients satisfied with the care they receive? Central to the healthcare industry are its patients. Patient satisfaction studies provide the insight needed to ensure their expectations are being met.
  • Do plan members know about all benefits available to them? Perception and awareness studies determine whether plan members are aware of programs and services offered at the hospital or through their healthcare network.
  • Are patients at risk of heart disease or high blood pressure? Health risk assessment questionnaires provide accurate healthcare insight for new and existing plan members and/or patients.
  • Is your healthcare organization in good standing with its constituents? Market assessments provide an overall understanding of your reputation and whether services offered meet the needs of the community.
  • Is your healthcare organization struggling to retain patients? A patient retention study helps to uncover the reasons why patients may have sought alternative care and what barriers exist for their return to your organization.

GreatBlue has extensive experience working with healthcare organizations of all types, sizes and geographic locations. From the small, local hospital serving one county to a state-wide insurance network overseeing hundreds of thousands of members, GreatBlue approaches each and every project with the same level of detail and attention.

Case Studies

  • A state managed healthcare administrative services organization — Research projects conducted include a new member health questionnaire, a mystery shopper study of providers, and a member satisfaction survey.
  • A university healthcare center — Research included a qualitative full-service focus group initiative to assist client in better understanding current OB/GYN services in order to improve their services offered moving forward.
  • A national provider of non-emergency medical transportation services — Some areas of investigation included customer and medical facility satisfaction surveys, prospective and past client market assessment, and regional satisfaction surveys.